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Level 2 Unit 3 Story – I Love My Parents

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I Love My Parents - Talk About Family in Chinese | HSK 2 Reading Practice

In this HSK 2 reading practice, we will practice with a video and learn how to talk about family in Chinese.


  • Listen to this HSK 2 reading practice
  • Repeat after the story
  • Answer the given questions
  • Practice daily until fluent


wǒ 'ài wǒde bàba māma
I love my dad (and) mom

  • wèishénme wǒ bàba liùshí suì le hái hěn jiànkāng
    Why is my dad still very healthy at the age of 60?
  • wǒ bàba dǎsuàn yòng liǎngqiān sìbǎi yuán mǎi shénme
    What does my dad plan to buy with 2400 yuan?
  • wǒ jiā de fànguǎn měitiān yào mǎi duōshao gōngjīn niúròu
    How many kilograms of beef does my family’s restaurant buy every day?



*The English translation is made to be literal for a better understanding of the Chinese sentence structures and language flow.

I Love My Parents

This year I live (at) school, not live (at) home (anymore), my parents miss me a lot all (of) every day. Though I (do) not live (at) home, but I will return home all (of) every Friday evening. At home, mom will make a lot of delicious dishes for me.

Me and dad both like playing soccer and playing basketball. Sports (are) very good for (the) body, so he (is already) 60 years old this year, (but) still very healthy. Every Saturday evening, I will watch games on TV together with dad. Dad likes watching soccer game more, but he plans to buy two “zhang” (of) next month’s basketball game tickets, because I like basketball more. That “chang” (of) game’s ticket (are) not cheap, 1200 yuan (per) “zhang”. Though (it is) very expensive, but dad feels very happy, because we can go watch (the) game together.

My parents has a “jia” (of) restaurant, I every Sunday will get up (at) 6 (in the) morning, go to their restaurant to work. Working there (is) very interesting. (The) restaurant every day will buy 40 kilograms (of) beef, 20 kilograms (of) lamb and 30 kilograms (of) chicken. We will make a lot of dumplings, one “liang” (of) dumplings has 5 “ge”. Some people will come to eat beef dumplings, some people will come to eat lamb dumplings, additionally some people will come to eat chicken dumplings. I love the most (the) beef dumplings and chicken noodles there, better tasty than (the) school’s restaurant.

I return to school every Sunday evening (at) 8 o’clock, at school, I would start to miss my parents. They (are) so good to me, I love them.


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TaroPremium Student January 18, 2022 at 4:32 am

I have two grammatical questions. Could you answer me please?

  • “我每个星期六晚上都会回家”, “我每个星期天会早上六点起床” These sentences describe habits. I think in English and in French the present tense is used to describe habits, and “will” cannot be used. Could you explain why it is possible to use “会” in sentenses which describe repeated actions?
  • “今年我住学校”,“今年我住在学校” Are these two sentenses the same?

Thank you.

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