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Level 2 Unit 9 Dialogue – Can You Take Me To Go To The Airport?

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Take Me To Go To The Airport in Chinese | HSK 2 Listening Test

In this HSK 2 listening test, we will practice with a dialogue, where someone is asking a friend to take them to the airport.


  • Listen to this HSK 2 listening test
  • Repeat after the dialogue
  • Answer the given questions
  • Practice daily until fluent


Lǎo Gāo jiē le yí ge diànhuà
Old Gao received a phone call.

  • nǐ juéde "máfan" shì shénme yìsi
    What do you think the meaning of “麻烦” is?
  • míngtiān shì Lǎo Gāo dì yī cì sòng Xiǎo Zhāng qù jīchǎng ma
    Is (it) the first time Lao Gao send Xiao Zhang to the airport?
  • Xiǎo Zhāng wèishénme ràng Lǎo Gāo shí 'èr diǎn lái tā jiā
    Why does Xiao Zhang make Lao Gao to come to his house at 12 o'clock?
  • Lǎo Gāo míngtiān kāi shénme yánsè de chē
    What color's car does Lao Gao drive tomorrow?



*The English translation is made to be literal for a better understanding of the Chinese sentence structures and language flow.

小张:Hello, (is it) Old Gao?

老高:Right, (it) is Little Zhang right? What thing (is it)?

小张:(Do) you have thing(/plan) tomorrow?

老高:What happened? Tomorrow is weekend, I (do) not go to work.

小张:I need to go to Shanghai again tomorrow, afternoon 5 o’clock’s plane. (I do) not know you have (or) not have time to send me to go (there) really quick again.

老高:No problem! What number o’clock (do) you need to arrive (at the) airport? (Will) afternoon 2:300 work (or) not work?

小张:Can can(/Yes yes)! (I) really too(/very) thank you Old Gao! (Because I) again need to invite you to help (me).

老高:It’s fine, you too (have) helped me (for) many times. What number o’clock (do) I go to there (where) you (are) to pick you up tomorrow?

小张:You (can) come (at) noon 12 o’clock! I invite and treat you to eat meal, after we eat (we) go to (the) airport, probably before 2 o’clock (we) can arrive (there).

老高:No need (already)[/ You don’t have to]. My home (is) close “being away from” (the) airport, (it is) not inconvenient.

小张:You come, (I) cannot not thank you. Here (where) we (are) “there is” one “jia” (of) restaurant, (it is) very tasty. I want to invite you to try (it) really quick.

老高:好OK. (In the) future you need to go to (the) airport (you) can tell me all (of those situations), I (will) take you to go there, picking (you) up also works.

小张:(I) really thank you!

老高:My car broke, tomorrow I (will) drive my wife’s car to come. Her car is (something that is of) the color red, (it) is not that “liang” (car) of the color white (that is) mine. Tomorrow after I arrive (I will) make phone call to you.

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