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Level 2 Unit 1 Story – My Company

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Talk About My Company in Chinese | HSK 2 Reading Story

In this HSK 2 reading story, we will practice with a video and learn how to talk about my company in Chinese.


  • Listen to this HSK 2 reading story
  • Repeat after the story
  • Answer the given questions
  • Practice daily until fluent


wǒde gōngsī
my company

  • wèishénme wǒ hěn xǐhuan wǒde gōngsī
    why do I like my company a lot
  • jīnglǐ dǎsuàn gěi bàngōngshì mǎi shénme? wèishénme
    what does the manager plan to buy for the offices and why
  • wèishénme jīnglǐ bùnéng héwǒ yìqǐ qù
    why can’t the manager go with me



*The English translation is made to be literal for a better understanding of the Chinese sentence structures and language flow.

My Company

I work in a company in Beijing, I like my company a lot. Why? Because my company doesn’t work overtime.

Our manager plans to buy some computers for the office today, because those computers are not that great, too slow. Our company has 20 offices, each office plans to buy 10 computers, so we plans to buy 200 computers.

The manager’s friend works in a computer company, their computers are very inexpensive, also very good, so he wants to buy this company’s computers. I called the computer company, asked them how much are the computers. They told me, big computers are 900, small computers are 800.

The manager says 900 is not expensive, don’t buy the small computer, buy the big ones. Because the manager needs to have a meeting with someone else, cannot go with me together to that company to buy computer, so I drive to go there by myself.

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