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Level 3 Lesson 1.3 – Conversation & Story

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HSK 3 + Listening and Speaking Practice Materials

In this part of the lesson, we will be practicing the vocabulary and grammar that we've learned in Lesson 1.1 and Lesson 1.2. There are two separate listening and speaking practice materials:

  1. CONVERSATION → 《小马在跟小周打电话》
  2. STORYTELLING →《办公室》


  1. Learn
    1. Listen and repeat along with the video
  2. Practice daily - the most important part for achieving fluency
    1. Spend 10-30 minutes per day reading the lesson materials aloud (with or without the video)


Xiǎo Mǎ Zài Gēn Xiǎo Zhōu Dǎ Diànhuà
Little Ma Is Making A Phone Call With Little Zhou

❖  QUESTIONS 问题 Wèntí

  1. Xiǎo Mǎ shuō Hànyǔ shuō de zěnmeyàng?
    How is Little Ma's speaking Chinese?
  2. Xiǎo Mǎ zài Zhōngguó zhù le duō jiǔ le?
    How long has Little Ma been living in China?
  3. Xiǎo Zhōu shì cóng shénme shíhou kāishǐ xué Hànyǔ de?
    Since when was it that Little Zhou start to learn Chinese?


❖  TEXT 课文 Kèwén


*The English translation is made to be literal for a better understanding of the Chinese sentence structures and language flow.

小周 Little Zhou  小马 Little Ma

小周:Little Ma, I am Little Zhou. You speak Chinese speak with Chinese people the same well, how (was it that) you learned (it), can (you) teach me “for a little bit”?

小马:I (have) already learned (for) very many years, I now still live in China!

小周:How much long (have) you lived (in) there?

小马:I (have) lived here (for) (about) five (or) six years, eating stuff, living stuff (- I have) both gotten used to (them), working and studying (are) also both very convenient. (Are) you also learning Chinese?

小周:Right, but I am not the same with you, my time (of) learning Chinese (is) still not long, (it was) from last year (that) I started to learn (it).

小马:When you have time (you) can come to China to “play”(/have fun) for a little bit, speak Chinese with people here for a little bit, (it) might be more interesting than (the stuff) taught in books.



Office Rooms

❖  QUESTIONS 问题 Wèntí

  1. Shuōhuà rén yígòng jièshào le jǐ jiān bàngōngshì?
    How many office rooms did the speaker introduce in total?
  2. Nǎ liǎng jiān bàngōngshì yíyàng dà?
    Which two office rooms are the same big (in size)?
  3. Nǎ jiān bàngōngshì de jiàgé gēn jīchǎng lù de yíyàng? Měi yuè duōshao qián?
    Which office room's price is the same as the one on Jichang Street? How much per month?


❖  TEXT 课文 Kèwén


*The English translation is made to be literal for a better understanding of the Chinese sentence structures and language flow.

Office Rooms

Hi Manager Zhang, (I) heard (that) you plan to find  one “jian” (of) new office, I for you (have) prepared a few “jian” (of offices), you look (at them) really quick (and see) how (they are). These a few “jian” (of) offices inside all exist bathrooms. The first “jian” (of) office is on Jichang(/Airport) Road, the second “jian” (of office) is on Daxue(/University) Road, additionally (there) exists one “jian” (of office) is on the side (of) Stadium. This “jian” (of office) of Jichang Road with that “jian” (of office) of Daxue Road is the same big, but (the) price is not the same. (The one) of Jichang Road every month (is) 8000 yuan, (how) about (the one) of Daxue Road(?) every month (is) 9500 yuan. This “jian” (of office of the) Stadium (is) the biggest, but because (it is) the furthest, (the) price with (the one) of Jichang Road (is) the same, every month 8000, very cheap. Though (being) the furthest, but the side (of) it exists (a) subway station, also very convenient, nowadays coworkers go to work all are used to take subways, (those who) drive (are) very few. You think which “ge” (of office) is more good? How are the prices?

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