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Level 3 Lesson 18.3 – Conversation & Story

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HSK 3+ Conversational Practice

In this part of the lesson, we will be practicing the vocabulary and grammar that we've learned in Lesson 18.1 and Lesson 18.2. There are two separate conversational practice:

  1. CONVERSATION → 《少玩儿点儿电脑》
  2. STORY TELLING →《新公司,新办公室》


  1. Learn
    1. Listen and repeat along with the video
  2. Practice daily - the most important part for achieving fluency
    1. Spend 10-30 minutes per day reading the lesson materials aloud (with or without the video)
    2. Practice conversations and stories from previous lessons too


Shǎo Wánr Diǎnr Diànnǎo
“Less” Play (The) Computer “(For A) Little Bit”

❖  QUESTIONS 问题 Wèntí

  1. Xiǎo Lǐ hé nǚpéngyou wèishénme chǎojià?
    Why (does) Little Li verbally fight with (his) girlfriend?
  2. Lǎo Qián juéde Xiǎo Lǐ yīnggāi duō zuò shénme, shǎo zuò shénme?
    What (does) Old Qian thinks (that) Little Li should do more, (and) what to do less?
  3. Lǎo Qián juéde Xiǎo Lǐ xué de huì zuò fàn、dǎsǎo fángjiān zhèyàng de shìqing ma?
    (Does) Old Qian thinks that Little Li has-the-potential-to-be-able-to learn-and-know-how-to things (like) this(:) cook meals, clean up rooms?


❖  TEXT 课文 Kèwén


*The English translation is made to be literal for a better understanding of the Chinese sentence structures and language flow.

小李 Little Li 老钱 Old Qian

小李:Old Qian, I yesterday again verbally-fight with (my) girlfriend, I really (do) not understand she why this-much loves verbally-fighting with me.

老钱:You did-wrong what matter, (and) she again generated-your-angriness(/was upset at you)?

小李:She (does) not like me playing (the) computer, (and she) let(/ask) me to “less (frequently)” play “(for a) little bit”.

老钱:(Do) you play a-lot?

小李:I think (it’s) not much, every day (in the) time (that is) after getting-off-work (and) returning home altogether (I) only play (for) one (or) two “ge” (of) hours.

老钱:The first thing (after) getting-off-work is exactly playing with (the) computer? What is she doing (at the) time (when) you play (the) computer?

小李:She… she (in the) time (that is) after returning home cooks evening-meal.

老钱:What do you guys do again after eating evening-meal?

小李:After eating evening-meal she returns (the) kitchen to wash (the) bowls(/dishes).

老钱:(What about) you?

小李:Sometimes (I) moreover play (the) computer “(for) a little bit”, sometimes (I) watch sports games “(for) a little bit”, (at the) time (when it’s) 10 o’clock (I) shower(,) brush teeth (and) prepare to sleep.

老钱:(Does) she also (at) 10 o’clock sleep?

小李:No. She(, in the) time (that is) after washing (the) bowls(,) sometimes wash “really quick” (the) clothes, sometimes clean-up “really quick” (the) rooms.

老钱:Hearing you tell (it) like-this, (it is) she (who) does all (the) things at home, (it is) too laborious! You should “more” help her “really quick”, (and) “less” (by your)self play (the) computer, watch TV.

小李:(It) not “is because” I (do) not help you, (it) mainly “is because” she (does) not let (me). She said (that) I cook meal “(do) not have the potential” to cook good, (and for me the) rooms also “(do) not have the potential” (to be) cleaned-up.

老钱:What(/why) (does) “not-having-the-potential”-to-do-well matter? You can learn, “more” do (them) “really quick”, (there does) not exist things (that people) learn (and) “do not have the potential” to know-how-to-do.

小李:Okay, you said correct(ly), I (in the) future (will) “more” try “really quick”.

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Xīn Gōngsī, Xīn Bàngōngshì
New Computer, New Office-Room

❖  QUESTIONS 问题 Wèntí

  1. Bàngōngshì yòubiān fàng zhe shénme?
    What (is) put (on the) right (of the) office?
  2. Bàngōngshì qiáng shang guà zhe shénme?
    What (is) hung (on the) office wall?
  3. Huà shang huà zhe xiē shénme? Xiě le shénme ma?
    What (is) being painted (on the) painting? (Has) anything (been) written (on it)?


❖  TEXT 课文 Kèwén


*The English translation is made to be literal for a better understanding of the Chinese sentence structures and language flow.

New Computer, New Office-Room

Last “ge” (of) month I changed (my) job.

My new computer (is) very not-bad, I at there am (the) manager. (The) computer gave me one “jian” (of) very big office-room. This “jian” (of) office-room only “exist” me (as) one “ge” (of) person using (it), (and there is) my name only “being written” (on the) office-room door-surface.

Open (the) door(,) go in (and) stand in (the) middle (of the) office-room, (you) can see mountains (of) places (that are) very far very far. (There is) one “zhang” big-big office-table “being placed” (on the) right side (of the) office-room, (and there are) one “tai” (of) computer and some books “being placed” (on the) table-surface. (There is) one “fu” (of) painting “being hung” (on the) wall-surface (on the) left-side (of the) office-room, (there is) one “tiao” (of) boat “being painted” (on its) surface, (there is) one “wei” (of) old-man “being sitting” (on the) boat. (There are) additionally three “ge” (of) very big characters “Mountain-River-Happiness” “having been written” (on the) painting-surface. (There is) additionally one “ge” (of) black-color small refrigerator “being placed” (in) the most inside (area of the) office room. I (have) put some tea-leaves inside, because I every day (at the) time (of) working am-used-to drinking “(a) little bit” (of) green-tea.

I especially like this “jian” (of) new office-room, I (am) thinking, sitting in such (a) comfortable office-room, I should-probably be-able-to - “disposing of” (my) work” - do especially well.

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