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Level 3 Practice 5.2 – Grammar


Create a speech. Act out the speech by doing a video/audio presentation.

This morning before you left your dormitory and went to your Chinese class, you did the following things:

- finish drinking a cup of coffee
- finish writing your homework
- preparing well your Chinese books
- put on your clothes
- put on you hat
- close the door
- ...

Describe these activities in Chinese.

  1. Make sure to use the following 结果补语 (jiéguǒ bǔyǔ ▸ Complements of Result) structures:
    • v + 好
    • v + 到
    • v + 完
    • v + 错
    • v + 上
  2. Try to use the vocabulary in this lesson as well.


*Optional* Share your work with us in the comment discussion section.


"Practice" is our new feature to encourage learners to speak out and put the language into use, especially in a self-study setting. "Skills like speaking a new language can only be developed through practice." Keep it up!

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