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Level 3 Lesson 14.3 – Conversation & Story

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HSK 3+ Conversational Practice

In this part of the lesson, we will be practicing the vocabulary and grammar that we've learned in Lesson 01.1 and Lesson 10.2. There are two separate conversational practice:

  1. CONVERSATION → 《跟老同学见面》
  2. STORY TELLING →《我在北京等你》


  1. Learn
    1. Listen and repeat along with the video
  2. Practice daily - the most important part for achieving fluency
    1. Spend 10-30 minutes per day reading the lesson materials aloud (with or without the video)
    2. Practice conversations and stories from previous lessons too


Gēn Lǎo Tóngxué Jiànmiàn
To Meet With (An) Old Classmate

❖  QUESTIONS 问题 Wèntí

  1. Lǎo Gāo lái de shíhou xià méi xià yǔ?
    (Did it) rain (or) not rain (at the time when) Old Gao comes?
  2. Lǎo Gāo bì le yè yǐhòu zài Shànghǎi ma?
    Was Old Gao in Shanghai after graduating?
  3. Lǎo Gāo shénme shíhou gēn lǎo mǎ jiàn guo miàn?
    (At) what time (did) Old Gao met with Old Ma (before)?


❖  TEXT 课文 Kèwén


*The English translation is made to be literal for a better understanding of the Chinese sentence structures and language flow.

老马 Old Ma 老高 Old Gao

老马:Old classmate, hello hello! Hurry-up (and) come in to take-seat!

老高:Old Gao hello hello, sorry I came late.

老马:No worries. When I came outside (it) blew-wind blew “kind of” big(/heavy). How was (the) road-surface(/way here)? (Did it) rain (or) not?

老高:(On the) road-surface(/way here) (it) rained (for) one “duration-of-time”, so (I) waited for (the) taxi waited (for) “kind of” long-time. Today (we) say (it) well-and-ready, I invite-guest(/treat you).

老马:You (are) too polite, you return Shanghai, (it) should (be) me treating you, I already ordered-well (the) dishes! You (have) now came back-here to work (already), I (in the) future can often meet with you, (in the) future you treat me again.

老高:(The one who is) polite is you, old classmate! Thanks! After graduating I (had) not been in Shanghai, now (I) can come back, I really (am) especially happy.

老马:You tell (it), “reaching the evaluation of” how long (that) we (have) not met?

老高:(At the) time (of) Teacher Zhang’s 60-year-old birthday we met (for) one time, correct?

老马:Correct, that already was (an) a-few-years-ago event! This year Teacher Zhang (is) already 65 (or) 66 (now, right)? (Do) you still remember? Teacher Zhang (, in the) time (when he was) young(,) had-as-hobby sports, (he) liked swimming “habitually”, (and) runnin “habitually”, plus he played ball also played very well.

老高:Not-wrong, that “duration-of-time” (when we were) attending school, he often took us together to go climb that “zuo” (of) mountain (in the) back (of the) school.

老马:He took 10 something classmates (in the) class together to climb (the) mountain (while) singing songs, (it was) especially fun. (Does) Teacher Zhang now still give (or) not give classes?

老高:(No, he does) not give (classes anymore). Last year I arrived his home-inside to see him, he said (that) (him)self now every day at home read books “habitually”, wrote characters “habitually”, (in the) evening (after) eating meal (he) went out with (his) wife to take-a-walk (for) one hour.

老马:Teacher (-) now (is) (his) body well?

老高:He (-) body (is) very well, (for) a few years (he has) not gotten sick (already). He additionally said, wait (until) (the) time (when) he (is) 70 years old, (he) plans to again invite(/treat) guests (for) one time, to chat “(for) a little bit”, (and) drink alcohol “(for) a little bit”  with old coworkers and students (of the) past.

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Wǒ Zài Běijīng Děng Nǐ
I In Beijing Wait (For) You

❖  QUESTIONS 问题 Wèntí

  1. Xiǎofēi hé Xiǎofēng chǎo guo jià méiyǒu?
    (Has) Xiaofei verbally-fought with Xiaofeng (before or) not?
  2. Xiǎofēi yǐhòu wèishénme bù néng jīngcháng gēn Xiǎofēng jiànmiàn?
    Why can't Xiaofei often meet with Xiaofeng (in the) future?
  3. Xiànzài wàimiàn de tiānqì zěnmeyàng?
    How is the weather outside now?


❖  TEXT 课文 Kèwén


*The English translation is made to be literal for a better understanding of the Chinese sentence structures and language flow.

I In Beijing Wait (For) You

Yesterday was June 21, Xiaofei (from) university/college graduated. He with classmates (in the) class together arrived (a) restaurant-inside to eat meal, (and) drink alcohol. Everyone together chatted-“sky” chatted especially happi(ly). Probably “is (because)” (he) drank-(with the result of)-drinking-(to)-much, Xiaofei (did) not remember when(, and) how was (it that) (him)self returned (the) dormitory, also (he did) not remember (him)self took (or) not took shower (in the) time (that is) before sleeping.

(At) 10 o’clock (in the) morning, Xiaofei got-up-(from)-bed, washed (one) “ge” (of) hot-water-shower. (At) this moment, (there) existed (a) person making phone call to Xiaofei.

Xiaofei received (the) cellphone, (it) was (his) girlfriend Xiaofeng. Xiaofei and Xiaofeng’s relationship (was) very good, they (had) been together (for about) two (or) three years, (they) still (had) not verbally fight (for) one time. Xiaofeng this year attended Grade Three (in college), “being away from” graduating additionally (there) existed one year. (What about) Xiaofei? Next “ge” month (he) “soon would” go to Beijing (already), because (the) job he found was in Beijing. Beijing “being away from” (the) school (was) very far very far, (it) required taking 10-something-hours (of) plane.

Xiaofei chatted with Xiaofeng (for) one “ge” hour, thinking of after gradating (that he) cannot meet with Xiaofeng often, Xiaofei felt “kind of” sad. (At) this moment, he looked at “really quick” (the) weather outside. Outside (it) was going-down rain very big(/heavily), also (it) was blowing very big(/heavy) wind. This cloudy(/gloomy) weather  made him more sad (now). (How about) Xiaofeng? (She) also cried in the phone. Heard Xiaofeng’s crying-voice, Xiaofei said, “(Do) not cry (anymore), I all (of) every day would make phone call to you! (For) this one year we meeting (or) not meeting does not matter, wait (until) next year this time, you too (will) graduate (already), we can together in Beijing start new life. I (will) wait-for you in Beijing!”

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