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Level 3 Lesson 21.3 – Conversation & Story

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HSK 3+ Conversational Practice

In this part of the lesson, we will be practicing the vocabulary and grammar that we've learned in Lesson 21.1 and Lesson 21.2. There are two separate conversational practice:

  1. CONVERSATION → 《小周和小马是宿舍室友》
  2. STORY TELLING →《新小区,新房子》


  1. Learn
    1. Listen and repeat along with the video
  2. Practice daily - the most important part for achieving fluency
    1. Spend 10-30 minutes per day reading the lesson materials aloud (with or without the video)
    2. Practice conversations and stories from previous lessons too


Xiǎo Zhōu Hé Xiǎo Mǎ Shì Sùshè Shìyǒu
Little Zhou And Little Ma Are Dormitory Roommates

❖  QUESTIONS 问题 Wèntí

  1. Xiǎo Zhōu huì bǎ dōngxi dōu dài huí guó ma?
    Will Little Zhou (-) "ba"{indicating the handling Of} (the) stuff (-) all bring back to (his) country?
  2. Xiǎo Mǎ ràng Xiǎo Zhōu bǎ jiù dōngxi fàng zài nǎlǐ mài?
    Where (did) Little Ma made Little Zhou (-) "ba"{indicating the handling of} old stuff (-) sell?
  3. Xiǎo Mǎ yào bǎ shénme jiè gěi Xiǎo Zhōu?
    What (does) Little Ma intend to lend Little Zhou?


❖  TEXT 课文 Kèwén


*The English translation is made to be literal for a better understanding of the Chinese sentence structures and language flow.

小马 Little Ma 小周 Little Zhou

小马:Little Zhou, what time (do) you return (your home) country?

小周:Next “ge” (of) month (I) soon-will go-back. I still have so many stuffs: clothes, shoes, books, computer, bicycle. I want to (-) ba{indicating the handling of}” these (-) all take-back (to my home) country, but (I do) not-have-the-potential-to-be-able-to take that many.

小马:You can (-) ba{indicating the handling of}” these stuffs (-) put-on (the) Internet to sell.

小周:You said correct(ly), Little Ma! How-come I (have) not thought-about (it)? But these stuffs (are) all kind-of old (already), will (there) exist people to buy (them)?

小马:(Admitting the fact that) (the) stuffs (are) old, but (they) still can (be) used. I often (-) ba{indicating the handling of}” some old stuffs (that I do) not want (anymore) (-) put-on (the) Internet to sell, (there) all exists people to buy.

小马:You for these stuffs take a-little-bit photos and videos, (-) ba{indicating the handling of}” photos and videos (-) put-on (the) Internet, but (do) not (-) ba{indicating the handling of}” (the) prices (-) write-too-high.

小周:Okay. But my cellphone takes photos and videos (does) not-have-the-potential-to-be-able-to take-well. Can you (or) not can (you) (-) ba{indicating the handling of}” your camera (-) lend to me to use “really quick”?

小马:No problem! But I might need-to seek “really quick”, I forgot (I) (-) ba{indicating the handling of}” (the) camera (-) put-in where (already). (Let) us together look for (it)!

小周:I remember you(,) last “ge” month (when) going to Shanghai to travel(,) (have) used (it).

小马:Right! (The) camera should-probably still be-in (the) luggage-inside! Where is-at (the) luggage?

小周:Is (it or) not is (it) that “ge” (of) black-color luggage? I remember you (-) ba{indicating the handling of}” it (-) put-into (the) study-room.

小马:(Walks-into the study-room) You remember so clear(ly), (the) luggage really is-in here!

小马:(Opens the luggage) okay, (the) camera just is-in (the) luggage-inside! (Walks-out the study-room, walks-towards Little Zhou) give (it to) you, Little Zhou!

小周:Thank you Little Ma! (After) I finish-taking (photos and videos) how (do I) (-) ba{indicating the handling of}” (the) photos and videos (-) put-into (the) computer?

小马:Sometime (after) you finish-shooting tell me, I (will) help you.

小周:This “ge” (of) weekend (on) two days I both have free-time, (I) should-probably have-the-potential-to-be-able-to finish-shooting. I (will on) Monday (-) ba{indicating the handling of}” (the) camera (-) return to you.

小马:No problem! (I) hope you can (-) ba{indicating the handling of}” stuffs (-) all sell!

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Xīn Xiǎoqū, Xīn Fángzi
New Residential-Community, New House

❖  QUESTIONS 问题 Wèntí

  1. Wǒ hé zhàngfu zhōumò huì dài nǚ’ér dào nǎr wánr?
    Where will me and (my) husband bring (our) daughter to play (on the) weekends?
  2. Wǒ hé zhàngfu měi nián huì bǎ shéi jiē lai jiā li zhù?
    Whom will me and (my) husband bring-over to (our) home to live every year?
  3. Wǒ hé zhàngfu huì bǎ jiù fángzi mài le ma?
    Will me and (my) husband (-) "ba"{indicating the handling of} (-) (the) old house sell?


❖  TEXT 课文 Kèwén


*The English translation is made to be literal for a better understanding of the Chinese sentence structures and language flow.

New Residential-Community, New House

Me and (my) husband in Holiday Garden Residential-Community bought –le one “set” (of) house. Holiday Garden Residential-Community is-on Tianhe Street (in the) city-north, being-away-from me and (my) husband’s companies both very close. (The) residential-community side exists one “suo” (of) elementary-school, this year September (our) daughter soon-will (be) 7 years-old (already), (so she) can in there attend-school. Also, (the) residential-community exactly is-at Niaoyu Park’s south-side, (at the) time (of) weekends, me and (my) husband additionally can (-) ba{indicating the handling of}” (our) daughter (-) take arriving (the) park-inside to play. (The) residential-community also (is) especially pretty, (there) exists two “ge” (of) gardens, (in the) garden-inside (there are) very many flowers blooming. (The) residential-community-inside altogether exists 10 “dong” (of) buildings, every “dong” (of) building exists thirty-something stories, our house is-at Floor-15. Every floor (of the) building-inside only exists two “sets” (of) house, but (there) exists two “bu” (of) elevators, so (at the) time (of) using (the) elevators (it is) very convenient, (there is) no need to wait (for) very long.

This is our second “set” (of) house. Our first “set” (of) house also (is) not bad, but (it) reaches-the-evaluation-of a-little-bit small, (it) only has two “ge” (of) bedrooms. This “set” (of) house (is) very big, (it) has four “ge” (of) bedrooms. Now (our) daughter (is) big (already), our parents also (are) old (already), me and (my) husband hope (that we) can every year (-) ba{indicating the handling of}” our parents (of) both sides (-) both pick-up-(with the direction of)-(making them)-coming to live (for) several “ge” (of) month, (and) let one family can have more time being together.

(At the) time (when) we were looking-at this “set” (of) house, other several “ge” (of) people also were thinking (if) they intend (or) not intend to buy this “set” (of house). (At) that time our first “set” (of) house still (has) not been sold, so me and (my) husband’s parents both lent some money to us. (In the) time (that is) after we (-) ba{indicating the handling of}” (the) house (of) before (-) sold, (we) still need to (-) ba{indicating the handling of}” money (-) return to them.

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